When commercials were fun

The other day I was looking for a graphic to go along with another post I created when I stumbled on an old commercial on YouTube that I remember in my youth. I got a short chuckle out of it and I began to think about the creativity that went into creating such television advertising several decades go. Now, it seems that we only see creativity in television commercials (well, that’s debatable I guess) when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. Millions of dollars are spent for a short 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl, so I guess they need to bring their ‘A’ game when it comes to creativity.

It got me to search for other commercials that I felt hit a home run on creativity – most of the time, humor was involved. Tell me if these commercials were your favorites or if you can recommend some newer ones:

This was such an iconic phrase when I was growing up.

Can’t publish this blog without asking “Where is the Beef?!”


This was shown in Detroit all the time, featuring the radio icon, the Great Gildersleeve…

I remember this one as a kid…

Never saw this one, but had to include because I am a fan of Jackie Gleason.

… and who doesn’t remember “You can call me Ray…”

Ok, well, this is an outtake from Orson Welles famous Paul Masson wine commercials. I have to include, so funny.

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2 Responses to When commercials were fun

  1. Thanks ara! %reat memorieswhen things were more covil🎢❀🎢❀🎢🌈🌈🌈

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for making me smile ha ha! I remembered all but one. Those were the good old days my friend.

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