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My Wife is a Curious Creative

In the several years of writing this blog, I have never dedicated a post to my wife, Della, but it is certainly about time. For those of you that personally know me, know how very proud I am of my … Continue reading

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A Day Later …

I actually started to compose this post in the evening of April 24. Anticipating already the sentiment that the days following when Armenians commemorate the Genocide, everyone’s social media posts and online news would go back to “regularly scheduled programming”. … Continue reading

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Is anyone listening to us?

Every year I feel the strong obligation to publish a post surrounding the events of the Armenian Genocide which occurred on April 24, 1915. With each passing year, it becomes harder and harder to find the appropriate words due to … Continue reading

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Zilan Tigris, Armenian Singer Killed in Earthquake

Recently, Syria and Turkey suffered a devasting 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the largest in over a century for this region.  At the time of this post, over 12,000 have been confirmed dead and I am sure this number will increase over … Continue reading

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Michigan Arts and Culture Council Members Highlight 2022

Recently, council members (for which I am one of them) of the Michigan Arts & Culture Council (MACC) reflected on 2022 and shared their memorable highlights that occurred in Michigan. I have often blogged about the work of MACC and … Continue reading

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A New Year that comes with…

We rung out 2022 and rung in 2023 and like many of us do, we either really loved the previous year and look forward to the new year, or we say “good riddens” to the previous year and pray for … Continue reading

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Public Domain Day was January 1st

January 1st of each year marks Public Domain Day. I have to be honest and tell you that I had never paid attention to this annual “holiday”, but this year there seems to be some additional buzz surrounding the different … Continue reading

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The Magic and Sustainability of the Silver Screen

We all can relate to the fact that the pandemic halted or altered our lives for over two years. As we seem to have returned to a new norm of a ‘normal life’, on occasion, certain thoughts attract my attention. … Continue reading

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Building my YouTube channel

Not too long ago, I decided that I wanted to grow my video music YouTube channel. Currently I have over 100 videos that I have posted over the last several years. In the past, I didn’t put much effort into … Continue reading

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A Cultural Experience Performing at The Hawk

In the last few years, I have tried to avoid writing blog posts about my performances as I am really looking to create content in these postings which may be more thought provoking or promotional of other topics. However, I … Continue reading

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