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Is anyone listening to us?

Every year I feel the strong obligation to publish a post surrounding the events of the Armenian Genocide which occurred on April 24, 1915. With each passing year, it becomes harder and harder to find the appropriate words due to … Continue reading

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Zilan Tigris, Armenian Singer Killed in Earthquake

Recently, Syria and Turkey suffered a devasting 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the largest in over a century for this region.  At the time of this post, over 12,000 have been confirmed dead and I am sure this number will increase over … Continue reading

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Cultural Identity, Repeated History

105 years ago, our ancestors were driven from their homelands by the order of the Turkish government. A well documented massacre that can be easily researched for those unfamiliar with this important and dark piece of Armenian history. In order … Continue reading

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100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

When I started my Detroit Hye Times project, I didn’t realize how close I was going to be with the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide which is in 2015. It was not my intent in creating this project … Continue reading

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