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My Wife is a Curious Creative

In the several years of writing this blog, I have never dedicated a post to my wife, Della, but it is certainly about time. For those of you that personally know me, know how very proud I am of my … Continue reading

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A Day Later …

I actually started to compose this post in the evening of April 24. Anticipating already the sentiment that the days following when Armenians commemorate the Genocide, everyone’s social media posts and online news would go back to “regularly scheduled programming”. … Continue reading

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Michigan Arts and Culture Council Members Highlight 2022

Recently, council members (for which I am one of them) of the Michigan Arts & Culture Council (MACC) reflected on 2022 and shared their memorable highlights that occurred in Michigan. I have often blogged about the work of MACC and … Continue reading

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The Magic and Sustainability of the Silver Screen

We all can relate to the fact that the pandemic halted or altered our lives for over two years. As we seem to have returned to a new norm of a ‘normal life’, on occasion, certain thoughts attract my attention. … Continue reading

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When commercials were fun

The other day I was looking for a graphic to go along with another post I created when I stumbled on an old commercial on YouTube that I remember in my youth. I got a short chuckle out of it … Continue reading

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Mal Barsamian & Qawsaan (Two Bows) Concert Recital at Tufts University

It is not every day that I watch a concert of live Middle Eastern music and become completely impressed and immersed into the entire performance. That is not to mean that I haven’t been impressed by Middle Eastern musical artistry, … Continue reading

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Armenia and Ukraine – Common Victims of Genocide

Each year through this blog, I do my best to commemorate April 24th, a date too well known to Armenians worldwide when 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by the hands of the Turkish government, then referred to as the Ottoman … Continue reading

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Guardians of Music: History of Armenian Music in Detroit NOW ON AMAZON

In 2015 which marked the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, I released a film documentary. Guardians of Music: History of Armenian Music in Detroit followed the journey of Detroit Armenian musicians that were children of Armenian Genocide survivors and … Continue reading

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March is Arts Advocacy Month

“The arts create connection, community, belonging, and joy. In the worst of times, the arts create all of that and more—and most of all, the arts create hope” from the American for the Arts website. As a council member of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Spontaneous Composition

As artists, we are told to tell a story with our work. Storytelling is an art form in itself, but mastering this art form is just as difficult as any form of artistry. However, storytelling can be expressed in different … Continue reading

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