The arts industry is back on the rollercoaster

It certainly feels like Groundhogs Day when it comes to the pandemic. What was once ‘on hold’ due to COVID and then opens up seems to close again. It is a viscous cycle that is taking its toll in many ways. We are seeing large name branded restaurants close without notice and concerts cancelling shows along with concert goers not showing up even after they purchase tickets.

The pandemic is great at one thing for sure – creating an emotional rollercoaster. Its claws are deep into the musical industry (just one of many industries affected within the arts arena) and it is concerning to watch how it is still holding back local concert venues and musicians from making a living. As one COVID variant feeds into another we will all potentially learn to live with a pandemic that will hopefully morph into an endemic allowing us to realign some things.

Broadway has been affected again:

But the Omicron variant that has barreled into the city, sending coronavirus case counts soaring, is now battering Broadway, leaving the industry facing an unexpected and enormous setback on its road back from the pandemic.

Sure, I would admit that we are also seeing concert planners reinvent themselves with outdoor options, but this is limited and not an option everyone can achieve successfully.

What this tells me is that we need to continue to find ways to support the musical community whenever possible. Basically, this is a friendly reminder that we are not out of the woods yet and our local artists and venues still need our ongoing support.

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