Merry Armenian Christmas!

Armenians from around the world celebrate Christmas on two different dates. Most of us celebrate on December 25th, but many also recognize and celebrate Christmas again on January 6th.

A fairly popular cartoon depicting Santa and Armenian Christmas which has been on the web for several years.

Historically, all Christian churches once celebrated Christ’s birth on January 6th until the 4th century. The date was moved from January 6 to December 25 to coordinate better with pagan feats which were connected to the birth of the Sun which was celebrated on December 25th. However, Armenia, which had no pagan practices, were not affected by this date change so Armenians continue to celebrate on January 6th.

I tried to find traditional folks that Armenians may only hear around Christmas, but had some difficulty. Hearing Jingle Bells with Armenian lyrics wasn’t my idea of Armenian Christmas music! However, there are many beautiful liturgical hymns which can be heard within the Armenian church around Christmas.

To all my Armenian friends, Shnorhavor Surb Tsnund!

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