Latest Michigan Nonprofit report shows impact of arts organizations have on economy

I have long been an advocate for the arts both on a local and national basis. The arts plays such a vital role in so many categories – education, child development, jobs, and economic impact.

Currently, I am involved with Creative Many Michigan (CMM) as a board member. As a statewide organization, CMM helps develops creative people, creative places and the creative economy for a competitive Michigan through research, advocacy, professional practice and communications.


Recently, CMM released a nonprofit report, the seventh edition of this report. In Michigan, the nonprofit organizations account for 16% of this sector which is over 400 nonprofits.

Some of the highlights in this report, by the numbers:

  • 4,142,197 school children experienced arts and cultural venues and events – a 14% increase over the prior year. A total of 73,694 students were served by 3,941 reported arts education programs in schools.
  • Organizations paid $291,243,968 in salaries, payroll taxes and fringe benefits, supporting 25,144 jobs – a 4.3% increase in total compensation. Unfortunately, this was a slight decrease from previous year but these are real jobs in Michigan!
  •  Arts and cultural destinations generated 12.6% of Michigan’s leisure travel spending in 2016.

Those that know me, also know the strong passion I have for the nonprofit community. I have worked most of my professional career in the nonprofit arena and as a chamber of commerce executive, we have one of the stronger non profit networks in the county. The network is in place so that we can assist them and so that they can rally amongst themselves for assistance. Annually, Troy Chamber of Commerce hosts a Nonprofit Management Conference that helps educate our members so that they can help their organizations increase their potential within the community.

You can view the entire report by clicking here.

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