Armenian Music in Hartland, MI

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to perform Armenian and Middle Eastern music in Hartland, Michigan. This is a small community with under 15,000 people and not richly diverse, but a community that wants to embrace diversity.

The Cromaine District Library had me come out to talk and play music as part of their Livingston Reads 2018 initiative and specifically the book Murder On The Orient Express.

I was joined by musician friend Tom Zakarian on guitar.

It was a small, but engaged audience. Most of the library patrons asked questions which I enjoy the gratification I get from doing these performances is the feedback afterward. I had a couple of people come up to me to let me know that it was intriguing enough for them to research and learn more about the Armenian Genocide. This could be the greatest compliment because I hope that by performing and talking about my experiences with music and background, that it will help educate others about my rich Armenian history.


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