Guardians of Music One Year Anniversary

Hard to imagine that exactly one year ago today, my film documentary, Guardians of Music: A History of Armenian Music was released on Detroit Public Television. Like everything else, it seems like it was yesterday.

My wife, Della seems more proud than I am in this picture. I remember this shot..I was watching the beginning of my film appear on television for the first time!

It was an exciting night, one I hope to never forget. I shared it with my wife and friends and was told that the evening raised more money in one night (for pledges) than it ever had in the past. A remarkable achievement. I felt very proud and I was so happy with creating this piece of history of the Armenian people.

It seems like yesterday I was interviewing musicians Hachig Kazarian, Simon Javizian and Art Melkonian. It seems like yesterday I was editing music, photographs and writing and rewriting narration in order to complete the project.

Many have asked me – whats next? Truly, I am trying to think

about that as well. Producing such a documentary came so easy for me because I knew what I wanted to present and for the most part, how I wanted to present it. It was a subject near and dear to my heart. So what would I do next is hard to say…but I am keeping my options open!

Happy Anniversary Guardians of Music, thank you for helping me help preserve our heritage. 


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