This past weekend, I filmed the finishing touches for the Guardians of Music DVD that will be made available to those that pledge on March 16 as well as those that helped contribute to my project (based on a certain funding level).


Cover of the forthcoming DVD.

Not only will the DVD include the actual film documentary, it will also include bonus material not shown the night of the worldwide premiere of Guardians of Music.

Putting over 20 hours of video footage of interviews into a one hour project was quite difficult. Knowing what to keep and what to cut becomes a daunting task, probably one of the hardest parts of the documentary making process. In the back of my mind I would say “Well, this wont fit in the finished film, but I will make sure to include in the DVD”. That’s what I did.

The DVD will include additional information from the interviews I conducted along with some surprises that I know won’t disappoint you. Is the suspense getting to you yet?!


Dtr of Photography, Brian Golden setting up the next shot for filming my interview segment which will appear on the DVD.

I have also included a behind the scenes segment that allows myself to discuss some of the highlights and challenges in producing such a project. It will give you some insight as to why I wanted to produce such a documentary and the process surrounding putting all of it together. I joked with a few people that I wanted to record this so that in decades to come – I would remember why I did what I did. I just completed the filming of that segment and you will only be able to view it on the DVD.

The bonus material alone accounts for another 45 minutes on the DVD. I am excited to have these available….soon!

You can pre-order the DVD by pledging today, for more information, click here.

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