Support Detroit Public TV on March 16

So as I get geared up for the March 16th evening at Detroit Public Television, I began to think about the overall importance of this evening. In particular, how it doesn’t pertain to me. Sure, I am involved with this particular event and have a vested interested in its success, but the night is so much more more than just me and my documentary.

I owe much to Detroit Public Television for taking on this project and turning it into a night about the Armenian community and its heritage. A balanced evening the station has created, the first half will focus on The Armenian Genocide featuring a few guests (I wont ruin the surprise here!) that will touch on the history and aftermath of the effects of the Genocide.

Detroit Public TV gets over 2.5 million viewers in a weeks time, the range of the audience is vast and goes to Canada as well as around the world via the web.

Armenian Night for March 16th is a pledge evening for the station. They will offer a challenge pledge in hopes that they will raise funds to match the $16,000 commitment currently in place by less than a half of dozen Armenian financiers.

In the past, Detroit Public TV has had several pledge nights that have focused on the Detroit Armenian community. I think that is telling. They believe in the Detroit Armenian community and moreover, the Detroit Armenian community believes in public television. It is a partnership that has lasted for several years now. I remember the first time I was in the Detroit Public TV studio. I was performing on kanun as a musical transition from pledge and showing The Armenian Americans documentary by Andrew Goldberg. This was probably one of the first times the Armenian community stepped up to show its appreciation for showing a major documentary about the Armenians.

I hope all that read this blog will tune in on March 16th and watch Armenian Night and pledge your continued support for Detroit Public Television.

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1 Response to Support Detroit Public TV on March 16

  1. Jim Stamboulian says:

    Well done and THANKS for leading this!

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