Launch date of Kickstarter campaign – February 1, 2014!

Well, after putting all of my work together, I have decided on a launch date of February 1, 2014 for my Kickstarter campaign. You may think that picking a date shouldn’t have been this hard, but I lamented over and over again on what date would attract the greatest activity. I thought..well, right after the holidays isn’t good as we all are paying bill off from the holiday spending; launching after tax season will put me behind in my goal to have the documentary finished; and is Sunday better than Wednesday?!

I was driving myself crazy until I read a great article in Kickstarter’s website that said it simply doesn’t matter when you launch as long as you have all of your information ready to launch. The product matters and if you believe in it, then go for it. So true. I have much invested in the success of this documentary that I feel confident in putting a launch date together (something Kickstarter recommended)

The web link will be announced on February 1st, the campaign will go for 45 days and you will see the goals along with the incentives I have provided. I hope I can count on all of your support in making this documentary a reality!

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