The Magic and Sustainability of the Silver Screen

Photo Courtesy: Emagine Theater (Michigan)

We all can relate to the fact that the pandemic halted or altered our lives for over two years. As we seem to have returned to a new norm of a ‘normal life’, on occasion, certain thoughts attract my attention. This time I was captivated by the thought of returning to the movie theater more often. 

Truth be told, I haven’t stayed away due to fear of COVID, there just hasn’t been an abundant amount of movies I wish to see over the last few years. 

Several months back, I went to our local theater with the family and the theater quickly filled up with eager patrons. This blog really didn’t dawn on me until the opening studio credits appeared on screen and the music began in all of its glory. At that moment, it felt like it had been a hundred years since I last saw movie. I didn’t care what the movie was about to be honest, I just wanted to see something on the big screen. 

What is remarkable is the staying power the cinema has had since the early 20th century. Even in an age of streaming movies at home, there is still something magical about going to the theater. Similar comments like mine have been repeated often, there is nothing unique about it, but when you are facing a massive screen and you are about to watch a movie, you can’t help but think of what has come and gone over many lifetimes – but the enjoyment of heading to a theater to watch a movie hasn’t diminished.

We all know that the streaming business grew exponentially during the pandemic with everyone hunkered in their homes. It certainly made its place these last few years and in many cases – saved families from going cuckoo at home. This industry will never go away and it will be part of our lives moving forward. However, I challenge anyone that is reading this blog to tell me it is the perfect substitute for going to the movie theater. Yes, you are paying for the experience and it’s cheaper to stay at home and watch – but unless you have a mansion and a 100 seat theater with a 100 ft screen – you won’t have the same feeling as to heading to your local theater.

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