Experiencing COVID-19 as a musician

In the past several days, we have all been experiencing surreal moments in our lives pertaining to the corona virus pandemic. This hits hard for each of us in different ways and how we react and respond will indicate the length of a stranglehold this virus will have on humanity.

IMG_6218Each of us are probably already on overload when it comes to listening to the news detailing the consistent updates and the severity of COVID-19. Each day when I wake, I cant help but think “I wonder how bad it will get today”. In a matter of one week, many of our lives in the US have turned upside down with working from home (for those of us that have that option) and watching business after business closing down to help #flattenthecurve. I am only venturing out to obtain the essentials and I have going into several grocery stores just to find the basics and I am met with empty shelves, social distancing markers on the ground and even individuals in full HazMat outfits. Each day brings me to a point of limiting those trips. It’s real and scary.

As a musician and as it relates to COVID-19, I recently had an experience that promoted this writing piece.


Visit the DPTV website for more information about that evening at: https://www.dptv.org/programs/armenian-heritage-night/

This past week, our local Public Broadcasting Station (DPTV) had organized their annual Armenian Heritage Night where they have aired different Armenian documentaries over the past twenty years. Each time, I have been involved with these events. Initially it started with short performances between pledge breaks and then in 2015 (during the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide) it included the airing of my film documentary Guardians of Music. On Friday, March 20th, amid the pandemic, Armenian Heritage Night was scheduled with live interviews and performances. The plan drastically changed the day before for the safety of all involved. The live interviews were replaced with taped segments and the live performances were also excluded from the evening. However, within hours of the airing of Armenian Heritage Night, a few of us improvised and in partnership with DPTV, I added a Facebook Live performance and promo prior to the airing of the documentaries. This was cross promoted by the station.


A screenshot from my home-based performance. To view the performance: https://bit.ly/33BZ5ME

It was a mad panic on my end to get everything set up and to have a makeshift studio in my house ready to go live at 7pm. Running around and trying to get the lighting right, sending out an email blast to my subscribers, a slide presentation and dressing up (for the camera!) in my own house to play music and talk to a camera was a unique moment in my musical career. All the while I was running around I kept thinking “I cant believe I am doing this”.  Of course, the expected technical issues right before we were supposed to go live didn’t help and my wife ended up holding up my iPhone and filming it instead from my laptop setup.

I played music, promoted the event and briefly talked about my experiences with Armenian music. In my head I was still amazed this was happening and couldn’t help but think how this is our new norm for awhile. In the end, the event went well and so did Armenian Heritage Night at the station.

Our new norm will rapidly change and for those that make their livelihood as full time artists, I applaud your resiliency and can only hope that this will soon pass and you will be able to get back to promoting your art in front of people.

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  1. Ed Haroian says:

    Thank you, very much!

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