Hello, 2019

FatherTime.jpgIt was inevitable
You and I knew it wouldn’t last
No matter how much we try to defy the odds, there is always still much more to grasp

I think we gave it a really good run
Much to be thankful for
Our adventures moved steadily around the sun

Along the way we experienced sadness and joy
Focusing on the positive and what we have
Makes more sense than carrying the negative burden like a heavy hoy

I am not much of a poet as you have surmised, it does however help in reflecting on the past year. We all think the same way when it comes down to the wire – the end of a year and we say the same thing “it goes too fast”.

We make resolutions about weight, work, family and finances. In the end, it makes more sense on how we live our lives and enjoy all of what we have. Yes, count your blessing, another coined phrase but one that should ring true for all of us.

I want to thank all of you that continue to support my musical efforts both near and far and I am looking forward to another good year of health, happiness for 2019.

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1 Response to Hello, 2019

  1. Robert Archigian says:

    Ara, for All the Joy you bring us sll, we wish to you and your Family the Heartfelt New Years Greetings?

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