Where are the small music venues?

There is one thing that all musicians can agree upon and it involves the venues in which we play in – there are simply not enough of them.

I recently performed at a small venue in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of University of Michigan called Kerrytown Concert House. What a great place. It holds 100 seats and it is the perfect type of venue for our size of concert performance. It truly is a converted home into a concert venue.

After our concert a few audience members came up to take a photo with us.

These type of venues are preferred in many respects. Not only does the musician have the ability to perform for an audience, the crowd is an intimate setting. I thoroughly enjoy storytelling along with performing music. I have been doing this style of presentation/performance for several years now and I find it very satisfying. It allows me to express to the audience why I enjoy the music as much as I do as well as provide historical background as well.

This type of venue isn’t for every musician or musical group, but it allows. More artists to express themselves and actually interact with their audience to a greater degree.

Thank you Kerrytown Concert House for your hospitality and for your devotion to the musical community!

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