Creative Class: Monte Nagler

monte-nagler_portraitMonte’s photographs, which have won numerous awards, are found in many private and public collections including the Detroit Institute of Art; the University Of Michigan Museum Of Art; the Grand Rapids Art Museum; The State of Michigan; General Electric Corporation: BASF Corporation: and all Big Three Auto Manufacturers. Galleries and agents throughout the country represent his photography.

Monte is a noted writer, lecturer and teacher of photography and is the author of six highly successful photography books. Monte leads a Photographic Workshop Trip twice a year. He is frequently called upon to jury contests and to speak on photography topics on local radio and television shows. Besides the many awards and acknowledgements Monte has received, the State of Michigan Senate and House have honored him with proclamations for his contributions to fine art photography. For more information on Monte and his artwork, CLICK HERE.

What inspires you to create?

What inspires me is the tremendously satisfying feeling I get knowing my photographs can get people to slow down a little and truly appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

Can you describe your greatest creative achievement?

My greatest achievement is our healthcare division where we place my art in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for the benefit of patients,  staff and visitors.  Creating a calming environment using art,  music, etc. is just terrific!

What advice would you give the next generation of creative people?

My advice is to truly express your yourself through your art.  Let your passion loose and remove any boundaries from your vision.

What one word would you use to describe your work?



slide1_fotoris a series of profiles of creative people throughout the world that I have either shared the stage with or have observed their talents from a far. The questions are my own and their answers are unaltered.

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