Kresge Artist Fellows at Will Leather

Wayne State University (WSU) honored all Kresge Artist Fellows that were affiliated with the college either as past student or professor at a private reception last night in Midtown Detroit. This event was coordinated by the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts department.

IMG_1909.JPGWSU is my alma mater and it was an honor to be part of this exhibition as a past Kresge fellow. Several artists, writers and musicians were profiled at the Will Leather store which is located in Midtown Detroit. This exhibition features examples from our artwork and will be on display through the end of November.


President Roy Wilson, Wayne State University

President Roy Wilson, WSU commented about the importance the arts are in Detroit and how this has contributed to the regrowth of Detroit. WSU is dedicated to the arts and I heard that over 40 of the Kresge Artist Fellows were WSU graduates. I want to thank WSU for providing a venue for artists to continue to spread their artistic achievements. I echo President Wilson’s comments about the importance to encourage and embrace arts and culture in Detroit.


Kim Hunter

I played a little music, but for me it was much more enjoyable for me to hear poets/writers like Kim Hunter and Jessica Care Moore share their works. I also ran into Cheryl Alston and Chris Pottinger, part of the 2012 Kresge Artist Fellow class and Frank Pahl, another great musical artist.

Once again, I am thankful for all that being part of the Kresge family has done for me as a musician. Continually it inspires me to create in ways that are new and satisfying as an artist.

IMG_1897.JPGA special thanks to Founder/CEO Will Adler, Will Leather who opened his marvelous store to the arts for this reception. Located in the heart of Midtown Detroit you need to visit this iconic store if you pay our city a visit. Some of the rarest and finest leather goods in the country can be purchased there.

Thank you to WSU team of Dean Matt Seager, Patrick Field, Andrew Morawski, and Laura Orme for honoring and welcoming me to this reception.


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