Fender M80 Chorus Amplifier, Family Friend

Last week I sold my Fender M80 amplifier that I bought over twenty-five years ago when I started playing music. Surprisingly, I became a bit melancholy once I sold it. Rarely do I need to utilize a big amplifier like this, I thought it was time to sell it and move on. Also, it was big and bulky and I was tired of lugging it around to different gigs.

00707_dhvLRSCCTpx_600x450It was in excellent condition and I believe I sold it to a person that will take care of it. Wow, you would think I gave a pet away or something, but the amplifier holds a lot of memories and it played a lot of gigs over the years. When the buyer agreed to purchase the amp, after acknowledging the great condition it was in (point of pride for me!) I offered to wheel it to his truck and put it in there. As if it were the last walk we would have together. Silly perhaps, but that amp represented the first twenty-five years of my musical life and it still meant something to me.

I felt my amp deserved a proper send off and so goes this simple blog essay where I can publicly thank a piece of history and machinery. Thanks Fender, this was a great product.

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