Bogosian : A Journey to Find Our Armenian Roots

This is a year I find myself especially proud of many friends and family that have taken on projects that surround the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

I say so in this way because in my family, there has been a lifetime of involvement in one fashion or another. My father, my hero in many ways, is one of those individuals that has tirelessly given to the Armenian cause in the name of aid and awareness. My immediate family has given of their time and efforts in a variety of areas and I try to do my best where I think I can be of best use.

Matt Bogosian

Matt Bogosian

I have been especially proud of one of my cousins, Matt Bogosian. He has taken on a tremendous project that is very worthy and personal to me.

A few years ago Matt, along with his brothers, set forth to discover historic Armenia (modern day Turkey) and present day Armenia with their grandfather, Haigas (my Uncle Ike) and his brother Sebouh. They documented the entire voyage including interviews, rare audio recordings of Matt’s great-grandfather, and even the experience of living with Bogosyan’s in Armenia.

“And a hundred years later, Armenian families around the world still have a lot of questions. So my brothers, my grandfather Ike, his brother Sebouh and I went to Armenia and Turkey looking for closure. And we caught it all on camera — our journey to understand the culture and place my great grandfather came from”. said Matt Bogosian on his website.

Matt looks into his great-grandfathers history to learn more about the Armenian Genocide and what those experiences were like. What a wonderful story he is able to tell the world with this film and to be able to do with your grandfather, which was his first trip to Turkey – is an experience many of us can only dream to have accomplished.

My uncle Ike, experiencing the water on his face from Lake Sevan.

My uncle Ike, experiencing the water on his face from Lake Sevan.

My first trip and only trip (thus far) to Armenia was with my father, Uncle Ike and a friend of the family friend, Levon. We took the trip in October, 1997 and its hard to believe it has been close to 20 years since that voyage. It was an experience I will have for the remainder of my life and it was the beginning of my father’s yearly (sometimes bi-yearly) trip to Hayastan and Karabagh.

So many memories. I can still remember Uncle Ike and my father washing their faces in Lake Sevan. I had to find this photo and scan it to give you a small glimpse of that trip.

Matt's great grandfather (in the middle)

Matt’s great grandfather (in the middle)

Matt’s project is a film documentary. For now, its called Bogosian: A Journey to Find Our Armenian Roots. He is in the home stretch and needs help financing the final editing of this movie so that it can be released to the world. I have seen it in its draft form and I am proud of what he has accomplished. I even wrote the theme music and recorded some of the music with my good friend Mark Gavoor on oud. Many people are involved in this project, another cousin (maternal side) John Yacoubian also has been a major help with this film. I am proud of Matt and this film also honors the 1.5 million Armenians massacred in the Genocide.

Matt has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 in order to completely finish his project. He has less than 60 days to realize this dream. Please consider your support of his very worthwhile project.

More information can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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