Importance is recognized this 100th Year

As the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide draws closer, I have witnessed something I have not seen before – and I think like it.

Importance_of_TDI realize that is an odd way to begin a blog on this subject, but I have had a difficult time understanding this thought I have had and now it seems pretty clear to me. It is centered around the word – importance.

In my Guardians of Music documentary, one of the musicians comments that the village music is important to – us, but not necessarily the outside world. That statement has entered my mind several times and I couldn’t figure out why that was. Was it that I disagree with the statement or do I agree with it and wish it were not true.

Then I compared this statement with how it pertains to the Genocide. Is it important only to us?

My personal vision of how we commemorate the Armenian Genocide may not have been a realistic one, but it centered around the Armenians of the world commemorating the atrocities not in one day – but year round. I don’t think there is a person that would disagree with that statement. Moreover, I feel that the tone shouldn’t always be somber but with celebration of what has survived and needs to continue to survive. It seems that this vision is slowing coming true and whether it is late or not – I can and will embrace it.


Oudist Ed Melikian is featured in a recent article about the celebration of Armenian music during the centennial year of the Genocide.

What I am reading online and even in my own community is the cultural aspect of “Armenianism”. Yes, the undertone is Genocide, but what I am starting to see is the celebration of our culture aspect which I was worried was missing in the commemorations.

Whether it is a concert of Komitas’ music or an instrumentalist performing Armenian musical pieces, it is an enjoyable aspect of our culture and to me – that is worth commemorating.

I hope it never ends. I hope it continues well beyond the 100th, 200th, etc. Our culture and music is part of history. This history tells a distinct story no matter what some may think of the style of music – it has its place in history. Yes, it is important to me.

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