6 Days to go…

Less than a week to go….do the butterflys start churning?

So I have been asked by a lot of friends if I am getting nervous about the airing of my documentary. In many ways I can say yes and no. I am certainly excited and sure, I am nervous about whether or not it will be liked by the masses. However the nervousness is not profound because I know I did the best that I could in producing Guardians of Music. Not everyone will like it I would imagine, that’s just part of life. When you have put all your efforts into something, you normally feel a great sense of accomplishment and hopefully some pride in what you have done. This eliminates the stomach churning and sweating. I am excited to show off this film to millions of viewers. After all, not everyone gets this opportunity.

This project is a labor or love. I do not produce films for a living and this is the closest I will get to becoming Cecil B. DeMille!

Paying tribute to a generation of musicians that meant something to every Detroit Armenian is worth quite a bit in my eyes. I have worked hard to put all the musicians in a good light and show the importance and contribution they made in our community. Some of them were not professional musicians, but as I was told once as a young guy – you don’t have to be a professional to play our music. You need heart, passion and the overall joy to want to play for crowds.

As we draw closer to March 16th, I am enjoying the promotion aspect of this project. Probably something else real film documentary producers dont engage in as they have a team helping them. I am enjoying the social media postings, writing this blog and even getting some media attention for it.

IMG_4577I even TiVoed it and was pretty happy I could read Guardians of Music on the screen. Pretty cool.

Also had a nice article written by the Farmington Observer, click here to read more about it.  More media will be coming in the days ahead.

For now, please share dptv.org/armenian with your friends and family. You can watch Guardians of Music LIVE from around the world starting at 9:30pm EST.


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