Mission completed!

For the last few weeks I have been involved in the editing process of Guardians of Music. The word…involved might be an understatement.

In working with my editor Brian, this has entailed several hours of our time — working on the project literally frame by frame. In the end Brian said we made over 1,600 movements. Not sure what that means, but it seems like a lot of moving around. Ha!

It wasn’t easy because there was so much involved in maneuvering throughout a story line and adding photos and proper musical interludes. Every second counts and you have to be on top of all of it. You have to have patience and drive for what you are doing. (You also need a chair with a pillow).

With that said, I did enjoy the process. It reminded me of when I would produce my musical recordings. Usually these were marathon recording sessions (most of which were out of town) followed back to back with marathon editing sessions. Not ideal, but that’s how I did it. In hindsight, some of those marathon sessions were quite taxing and as your ears get tired – mistakes happen. As I got older and more experienced, I learned that was not the proper method. Those marathon sessions in later years would engage me the most within a particular project. I am not technically savvy when it comes to this process, but I know what I want to see and hear at the end. Rewarding is the perfect word to describe the process.

In the end, this part of the mission is complete and I am proud of the project and excited for its March 16 broadcast premiere.

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1 Response to Mission completed!

  1. Richard Kamar says:

    Ara…Congratulations. Looking forward to the finished product. Viewing party?????

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