Next up – the narration

Yesterday I got together with my editor Brian Golden to record the voice over narration for the documentary. A relatively easy task (you might think) but nevertheless a very important one. This allows Brian to put together the clips based on my script, thus creating the story for me to review and tweak from there.

In a sound proof studio recording the narration of the documentary.

In a sound proof studio recording the narration of the documentary.

Sure, recording ones voice can be easy, but I certainly had a few flubs that I needed to redo a few times. I say this is relatively easy because the difficult part is yet to come when I am film a couple onscreen narrative portions. I will have no script for this and foresee this being slightly (sarcasm) harder than reading words into a microphone.

Recording the narration gave me additional reality that I am truly in the homestretch. Once Brian edits the clips with narration, it will give us a clear picture of what is still potentially needed — additional specific photos, etc.Still, I seem to still be collecting photos and even old footage clips. I came across silent film footage from 1935 just this morning!

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