Light at the end of the tunnel

This week I finished my first draft of the narrative script for the film documentary which is crucial to finish the film. I had to review all twelve interviews and put clips that I thought could be used in the film. This was a bit daunting because many times I had to re-watch the interview a few times to decide is a clip was worthwhile to include or not. In total, over 15 hours of video had to be condensed into around 100 clips. Once the clips were gathered, the work was even harder because I had to put them in order. Fast forward…I finished my first draft and my wife is reviewing so that I can clean it up for a final version.

I gave her a deadline as I want to have this completed this week in order to give Brian enough time to put this together. Every two minutes I will ask her “how is it??” like I was a high school kid asking the teacher if I past. I fully admit this part is not my forte, but it was a great learning process.

The light at the end of tunnel is starting to show itself, but I am not done yet. I still need a title for this film and that is haunting me each day. I also need more photos. This part is actually fun to do as I feel like its a scavenger hunt of sorts. Just last night I played for over 120 people at the St. John’s Armenian Church Women’s Guild and I partially played music but I also was given the opportunity to speak to them about the film, the process and what it means to me. I explained the need for photos and gave each of them my email and cell number and asked for their help. I had about six women approach me afterwards telling me they would help and look for pictures. That made me feel pretty good. I am hoping more will come forward.

Phew…..good night! 🙂


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