Happy Thanksgiving

Since my last blog entry, I have spent the better part of my time in reviewing all of the film footage interviews and capturing nuggets of information I feel I can use in the final film. This was not only time consuming, but difficult in picking and choosing the right clips. I thought in many cases I asked good questions and solicited good responses from musicians, but you always have that back view mirror perspective of “I should have asked that question like this…”

The next phase is take those note cards and translate them into a script. Hell, lets call it a book at this point. It certainly seems like the same process. I give all writers credit at this point as this isn’t my specialty. What gets me through it and gives me the fortitude to push forward is – the project. I am anxious to finish to release and pay homage to the music and musicians. This is the main drive, always has been from the beginning.

So…today, I had set the alarm for 3am on this Thanksgiving eve in order to get a few hours in putting the narrative script together. Yes, I am a morning person…but two cups of strong coffee does add to the mix!

This is a short blog today as I said…I need to get back to writing. I do want to wish all of you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Spend time reflecting and as my wife always trys to get me to do all the time — enjoy it. I have much to be thankful about and I am sure you do as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy one of the funniest scenes from “Cheers” …lets hope your Thanksgiving goes better for you…!


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