A name

In the beginning part of the year, I have concentrated most of my efforts in regards to my upcoming film documentary on fundraising. Certainly not the most enjoyable part of this project, but it ended up becoming a humbling experience.

Over two months ago, I met with my videographer about the next phase of this project. We sat together for a few hours sharing information and in the midst of our discussion I told him that I was not happy with the title I am currently using – Detroit Hye Times. Now, it was the name I came up with and used when I applied for the Knight Foundation grant and it is the name I continue to use throughout the promotion and discussion of this project.

HyeDetroit Hye Times represented both identification of the location of this film, an Armenian word and a timeline for this story. As an Armenian, we have played off the word Hye (which is Armenian for…Armenian) for many years. In my opinion, it has been overused. So you can imagine that I wasn’t very happy to use it again because I didn’t think, and still don’t think it captures the story I am going to tell with this film.

I have been researching and reading many Armenian books looking for a phrase that captures the essence of this film. So far, no luck. Perhaps you can help me. I want to find a short phrase or few words that describes the story I will soon tell in this film. If you come up with an idea – fill this form out and I will see it!

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