A day of remembrance for the Armenians

Normally, I confine my posting on this blog to subjects that surround music. I simply avoid using this resource as a means to pontificate my personal views as I can do so in person or in other ways.

With that said, this posting will not betray my mission in writing for this blog, however the issue itself concerns today’s date – April 24th. It is a day of remembrance for the Armenian people. On this date, 99 years ago the Turkish government begin the massacre of 1.5 million innocent Armenians. I am able to write this blog today because of relatives that escaped the Genocide.

Next year is the 100th anniversary, which I wrote about back in February, 2014.

Today felt different from the past anniversaries which have seemed to come and go as the years moved on. Perhaps knowing we are so close to the 100th anniversary with the hope and desire that the Armenian Genocide will be acknowledged by Turkey and the United States triggers this feeling. Facebook and Twitter were on fire today with commentary and news articles marking the Genocide. Perhaps that was it?

No, it seemed to be the church service itself and the beautiful but sad music that was sung by a joint choir (for which I participated) of dozens of vocalists singing the classical Armenian hymns. Our church music is very special to me and I enjoy it very much. More so as I get older. I have a greater appreciation for the music and often wonder of its roots of composition. How was it composed and how did it sound when created enter my mind. The music is powerful. The music can transport you back 100 years or more and I would bet that the passion and feelings I feel for the Armenian liturgical music can be found in all Armenians.

The music has endured for centuries, the Armenian liturgical music can define you as it does for me. I feel at home when I hear.

God rest the souls of my Armenian brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and fathers and mothers that perished for just being Armenian.

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