It just came to me

I have much admiration for those that write a blog. It isn’t as easy as one might think, especially when you decide that you wish to focus on a particular topic and you wish to stick to that. I have read many blogs over the years and some spark my interest and others – well, one or two postings and that’s all I am interested in. I do follow two bloggers and admire their penmanship but more importantly, I admire their themes.


Writing a blog based on a theme really taxes the brain in trying to provide good content with interest. To date, I have posted close to twenty postings on this blog, the most commitment I have ever had in writing since I was in college. I guess those journalism courses can start to finally pay off!

I really enjoy sharing thoughts and historical information as it pertains to the musical world that I have a bit part in and by viewing the stats, many of you seem to enjoy this journey as well.

For me, I want to be relevant in my writings and thus I want to try and provide readers content that they may not have heard before in other blogs. Sure, I am probably putting much thought into this, but I do so to really give my mind a work out.

Its true that you cant just make an appointment with yourself that you will sit in front of your computer or a piece of paper and say – WRITE! It never works that way, especially for me. I will end up writing “It was the best of times, and the worst of times….”. Right now, I started this blog at 11pm on a Friday night, because I couldn’t sleep and the thought came to me that I was having a writers block on another subject, but the subject of trying to be a creative blogger seemed to come natural to me.

I have said before, my good friend Mark Gavoor who has been blogging for several years is someone I admire when it comes to this social media medium. He has been an inspiration to me in keeping this blog going and to be creative. One thing I learned from his writings, which I have adopted, is that you don’t have to pound out a posting in one sitting..unless you feel compelled to do so. I take my mothers approach to writing in this sense. Write all that you can, come back and review. You will undoubtedly find things about your writing you wish to change for both flow and grammar. Outside of my mother and her fantastic journalistic talents she had, my wife is right up there with her. I marvel at people that can write stories and make them interesting and captivating to the audience. It is truly a gift.

So I write these blogs for a few reasons. First and foremost, I enjoy it. I miss writing and whenever I get a topic coming to mind that I think I want to discuss, it becomes pure enjoyment for me. Secondly, I give readers the opportunity to know me a little better as a musician. Sure, it is a great promotional tool but as this particular shows, not much to gain as a musician covering a topic about blog writing. A bit Seinfeld-esque — a story about nothing.

Now that I am warmed up – let me write about the topic that got me in front of the computer late at night. Stay tuned….

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