The not-so-fun part of a project – fundraising

The only way you haven’t heard that I have been fundraising for my project Detroit Hye Times is if you have been living in a hole for the last several weeks or better have been blocking me from your computer. I get it. If you are like me, you get annoyed by everyone that is fundraising for their particular cause, it can get daunting reading and reading all of the emails and stories surrounding the fundraising world. The reality is that many organization and their projects would never see the light of day if not for these efforts. I would much rather get a call from my university alma mater asking for money than a robo call political message. Wouldn’t you?

Raising funds for the Detroit Hye Times project is the least enjoyable part of this process in producing a project, but it is part of what I agreed to sign on when I received a matching grant from the Knight Foundation. In general, musicians, writers, artists hate to fund raise. It isn’t in their DNA for the most part because the creative mind doesn’t “jive” with the business side of the brain. In my opinion, this is where the “starving artist” originated. I say “their” because I actually enjoy the business side of the music world. it is equally enjoyable to promote and put together projects as it is to play music. Now, I don’t like fund-raising, but I accepted the fact that it was part oft he business a long time ago. I had a friend tell me tonight that he respects people who fund raise because it is never easy to ask for money. When it comes to cultural fund-raising, it is usually at the bottom of most charitable donations. Well, in this world – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I am not a pushy fundraiser. If I ask and you say no, I move on. Simple as that. I respect that decision.

PT Barnum

The famous P.T. Barnum.

When I think of the business side of the music world, I think of my good friend Mark Gavoor. A fellow musician and blogger likes to compare me with Phineas Taylor Barnum (P.T.) Barnum to the rest of us. Anyone that knows a bit of history on P.T. Barnum may say that’s offensive – but I don’t. I actually look at it as a compliment. Mr. Barnum was famous for many things, most notable was how he was able to captivate audiences with his world renown circus. He was not only a showman, but author, sound businessman and philanthropist. He once said:  “Without promotion something terrible happens – nothing”. This goes for fund-raising and my point above.

So, I may not like raising money for project, but I must. For Detroit Hye Times, it is actually an easy one to promote because I truly wish this film to be produced. It will serve as a document about an important period of history for Armenians, Detroiters, and enthusiasts of music from around the world.

Consider contributing to my Kickstarter campaign which ends March 18th. I have a little over a month to raise $5,000 otherwise anything already pledged is lost. Check it out at: 

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