It all started at 4AM this morning

I got up pretty early this morning to get my Kickstarter campaign launched…4AM to be exact. My friend Mark Gavoor, also a musician, has written a blog for many years now and as I always look forward to reading it, many of his blogs begin with a sentence referring to the time (usually early in the morning) in which he writes his blog and is able to gather his thoughts. I write this as my little princess daughter is up, watching cartoons eating a breakfast bar and having milk and calling me every two minutes. I get it Mark, I truly do!

I got up early to launch my project on Kickstarter. Even though the project (in my mind) started a long time ago, this morning made the fund-raising portion of this project official.

This is the first time I am using Kickstarter and first heard of it a few years ago when I became a Kresge Artist Fellow. In one of the many and great workshops, crowdfunding resources were discussed. I was truly amazed and anxious to utilize this new tool. I wanted to wait for the right project, which is the Detroit Hye Times.

It is important to note that the reason I am doing fundraising is because I received a matching grant from the Knight Arts Challenge and it is required to raise the money before you receive your match. You can not simply write a check and receive the funds. Also, monies raised do not go into my pocket but go towards the funding of this film project. This is a lean project as film documentary projects are concerned. I think raising the money will be a little easier than most film projects we hear about. Not a slam dunk by any means, but the funds I am looking for are reasonable and inexpensive comparatively.

Please help spread the word, the campaign ends on March 18, 2014 and I must raise at least $5000 otherwise we receive nothing. That’s how this works. Through payment system, your donation is only deducted from your Amazon account (PayPal, etc) unless the $5000 minimum has been reach.

Detroit HYE Times Kickstarter Campaign

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

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