A New Year that comes with…

We rung out 2022 and rung in 2023 and like many of us do, we either really loved the previous year and look forward to the new year, or we say “good riddens” to the previous year and pray for a better one.

Articles and social media postings will focus on either end of the spectrum as well as provide resolutions for the new year. When I thought about commenting on this with my bloggy bit, I first said “Well, I wrote about this before – I am no different than the other postings!” However, upon a little digging into my bloggy pasts, I did not see anything that even resembled a post like this. Huzzah!

I must agree that with any new year, its hard not to reflect and grade the previous year with aspirations of the new and fresh year. The resolution thing…I dunno….seems overkill and a short lived goal session (I know…bah humbug)

Having aspirations and goals for a new year is a good thing, but lets keep those realistic and obtainable. The last thing you want is to get towards the end of the year and get upset that you didn’t hit your resolution on winning the lottery.

Too be honest, I am probably behind the eight ball a bit because I have goals swirling in my head that need to be put on paper. As a visual guy, I like to see what my path is and check those off as accomplished. Instead, I am writing about what I want to do – seems backwards or I am just trying to get into the groove to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking.

A goal I never wrote down was to make sure I blogged at least once a month. I’m off to a good start…this is my second post within the same month (actually…2 in one day!!)

Happy new year to all of you and I hope your goals are obtained in 2023!

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