TEDx Detroit on Nov. 11th

I have often commented that I have had the privilege to perform music at a wide array of different venues over the years. Each and every gig I have had (paid or not) that was in front of a new audience has provided not only immense gratification, but I have had the ability to walk away from the event knowing that I have shown them something they haven’t experienced in the past. I am not a scholar nor do I lecture about Armenian and Middle Eastern music, but it comes quite easy for me to be able to demonstrate my feelings and enjoyment for the music I play on stage.

Once again, I will have that opportunity to showcase to (an already sold out) audience – Armenian music. On November 11th, I will be on stage at The Icon Detroit, a beautiful venue in downtown Detroit located on close to 18 acres on the riverfront. I will have only 4 minutes to showcase what I do, why I do it and most of all – the passion I have for the music. I will be performing for TEDx Detroit.

Some may say 4 minutes is not enough time to do much – I disagree. Utilized properly, this is the perfect amount of time for any one performer or speaker to capture an audience – if done properly. Will I do it right? Let’s hope so! If you are in town, try and grab a ticket, they go fast.

The theatre is already sold out, but you can still purchase tickets online to watch with an alternate option. More info at: https://www.tedxdetroit.com/ 

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