Sweet Partridge; Performing with my daughter

We performed together for the first time a few days ago.

My daughter and I played an Armenian folk song and I wanted to share the experience with you.

Aline and I right before we performed together.

My twelve-year old daughter, Aline is in the 6th grade and sings in her middle school choir. As children sometimes do, they brag (out of pride) about their parents and during one of her rehearsals at school, she mentioned to her choir teacher that I played Armenian music. So, her teacher came up with the idea of having the choir sing an Armenian song and she asked if I would accompany the group on kanun.  Of course, I was delighted and honored. (…and a little nervous if I am being totally honest).

Ironically, this was the first live performance I have given since January, 2020 – right before the pandemic!

The song chosen was Gakavig (Partridge) and was composed by Komitas Vartabed. Known as an Armenian children’s song, its inner meaning and words made this the perfect song to perform as the lyrics are timely – looking at coming out a pandemic and as the weather changes from dark/cold to sun/warmth. Part of the lyric translation is:

The sun came out from behind the dark clouds,
And the little partridge flew out
From the edge of the green forest,
It brought greetings from the flowers.

Gakavig is a very pretty song and I took great care in learning the melody over a few months.

It goes without saying that being able to perform with your children brings a parent great joy and a keepsake memory. I know Aline was nervous too, but she did great and we both high-fived each other after the recital. Special thanks to Carolyn Priebe (Choir Director) and her husband, the talented Greg Priebe who accompanied me on piano. Of course – a big applause to all the kids that sang that evening!

Looking forward to the day my son Alec might want to sit on stage with his old man to play a few tunes!

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2 Responses to Sweet Partridge; Performing with my daughter

  1. Kathy Crawford says:

    I want to hear and see this historic performance!!

    • aratopouzian says:

      Thc Kathy! I have a video but lots of kids in it and I dont have their permission to put that up. I think the school took a video and will attach a link if they make that public. 🙂

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