Did music save us during COVID?

Music has always been considered to have the ability to sooth ones nerves, a useful tool for practicing meditation and exercise. Whenever I am working in my office, I do enjoy having some light music playing in the background. It provides a relaxation and focus that is needed for me to push through my work load. (Even as I write this I am listening to soft classical music on piano!) Going for a walk – I love to listen to music as it relax me. I can’t think of a greater time where music wasn’t as important in all of our lives. If you are in a situation where you are quarantined with the inability to see many people, you might seek music as a salvation for your stress. Right?

The title of this post certainly could bring out a variety of comments or additional questions, but it is based on a recent article I read about how (or if) music has been  salvation for us during the pandemic. During a time when music is probably needed the most, how did we repay music back? An interesting and thought provoking question. This article implied that perhaps that our current society has let the musicians down during these times. Pretty bold statement, but I think many aspects of this are very true.

COVID certainly has had devastating outcomes on different industries, let alone musicians and the music community.  Closing of musical venues have crippled artists around the world, musicians are left without ways to make money for themselves, the pandemic has forced music to seek new roads of engagement. All for a small amount of money (as is the case with the majority of musical artists) that they already make when do have a playing gig.

An interesting thought surrounds the notion of our level of support with artists has only been amplified during the current crisis.  This is a pre-existing problem that has bubbled to the surface due to COVID.

Pre-pandemic times, we have supported musicians by attending their concerts and buying their musical products. However, for the most part, we have mainly supported mainstream artists and not the local musician or musical group. The pandemic has drawn even less attention to the local musician and their achievements. Many are composers and very talented in their own right. As I have said before, many have resorted to providing virtual content for the purpose of raising funds or just to stay relevant in our minds.

So horrific to think what will become of so many creative artists, there was a survey several months ago citing that 19% of the musicians polled would abandon their career and seek alternatives for providing income to themselves and their families. I can only wonder what that percentage is like now.

Supporting local musicians is a fairly easy task with the convenience of social media. Most artists not only have a website, but they have an active social media environment. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube – all musicians are utilizing one or most of these marketing tools to expand their reach into the public. With the absence of live gigs, please look up your favorite artist and simply share something they have posted.

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2 Responses to Did music save us during COVID?

  1. Mark Gavoor says:

    Good post Ara.
    Music is soundtrack of many people’s lives whether it is in their ears, they are singing or whistling, or just in their hearts or souls.

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