Is Music Timeless?

3120610dcc435f871da4873f1c22cd8eWhen you are known for performing music that is considered historical in many ways, you can become sensitive if your music is referred to as ancient or passe’. It is a shame that music of any kind receives such a label as some of our greatest compositions are centuries old.

Music is timeless. It has to be – anything composed, scored or just an improvisational¬†song performed not only deserves respect, but should be considered as historical as the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, most times we do not treat music the same way we do with other items which are deemed valuable and clearly “timeless”.

This quote to the right is perfect, I found it online and I think it speaks volumes (pardon the pun). It matters not what your taste is in music, good music will never go bad.

I have often said that good music is evidence of our past which should never be forgotten. So the next time you listen to music, think about the road it traveled and if you are the type to dismiss the value of music quickly- think twice about it.


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