Chaplin’s Pawnshop 100 Year Birthday

the_pawnshopAs we get older, the more we reflect on our past. Depending on where our minds are on a particular day, this could be a good memory or a bad one.

Today I saw a tweet that showed that yesterday (October 2), The Pawnshop staring Charlie Chaplin was released – 100 years ago.

As an avid Chaplin, watching all of the movies he made since I was a child, it is hard to believe the centennial of a number of his films.

Like it was yesterday, I remember going to the local library and checking out several 8mm films (on a weekly basis) and watching them at home. Sometimes on the big screen we had, other times just projecting them on the wall.

Those were good times and those fond memories come back every time I see a Chaplin film. Enjoy the below video!

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2 Responses to Chaplin’s Pawnshop 100 Year Birthday

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    We were in Vevey where he lived out the second half of his life. Many of his later works were directed when he was living in Switzerland!

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