Powerball winner, musically speaking

Ok, so I have to admit, I have bought a few tickets these past few weeks for the unlikely event that I would actually win the Powerball. I have bought one $2 ticket each time the pool of money goes up. I have been in line where I have seen hundreds of dollars being plopped down on the counter with force as to almost show that this misguided soul will be the winner. Take that 7-11 employee!

inspirational_motivationalnfunnyquotesfromkimberlyskorner_caroldalyAs of today, the value is $1.4 billion with odds of 300 million to one. This is a world record of jackpots and the buzz it is creating is amazing. I heard that you have better odds getting struck by lightening while swimming or drowning in a pool.

It has been interesting to listen to radio programs discuss this all time high lottery. I have to laugh at some of the discussions that surround the topic of winning the lottery.

  • It is unhealthy to think you will win the lottery. The let down will be severe. Then an entire research study on this is discussed.
  • Fantasizing about winning the lottery and what you would do with it is healthy. Releasing certain hormones that actually make you happy.
  • The amount of money being offered is ridiculous and could feed a nation and whoever wins should donate it.
  • Got to love the legal advice being given — hire an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, create a think tank. A think tank?
  • Odds are better becoming the President of the United States.
  • Achieving sainthood. (yea..not sure about that one)
  • Stock advisors say stop buying tickets and buy stock. Well…that probably the most sensible comment I have heard on the topic.

The list goes on and will continue until a winner takes home the pot of gold.

So I started to think, what would I do – musically speaking – if I won this jackpot. Sure, we all know some of the first things we would do with the money as we fantasize about it, but just for fun – what would I do with the money that pertains to the arts and music.

So much could be done with that kind of money. Selfishly, having Armenian music schools around the globe — teaching folk instruments, teaching how to make folk instruments, teaching at all different ages; preservation of of Armenian music by way of documenting in both written form and a complete anthology of our music performed by some of the greatest musicians available. I mean the list would be endless.

You expected me to write more about this? Well, after all, I don’t think I will win the jackpot…but if I did…

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