Is anyone listening to us?

Every year I feel the strong obligation to publish a post surrounding the events of the Armenian Genocide which occurred on April 24, 1915. With each passing year, it becomes harder and harder to find the appropriate words due to an immense amount of frustration as I feel no one cares about what happens to the Armenian people. I am tired. I wary from the sense that I feel a continued sense of commitment to try and educate and have people listen to us as Armenians. I feel no one hears us.

The flag of the Republic of Artsakh

As of publishing this post, I am sure in the coming days and months the Armenians in Artsakh (who are suffering by the hands of the Azeri Turkish government) will face continued horrific fates. A blockade which began in December, 2022 is currently killing our people. Plain and simple. Once again, the world sits back and ignores the Armenian people while supporting the Republic of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Check out Wikipedia (not an extremely valid source for information – but I found this interesting) that I think accurately captures the sentiment from the non-Armenian community as it pertains to Artsakh: “It is widely suspected that the blockade is being orchestrated by the Azerbaijani government as a form of hybrid warfare“.  Widely suspected...really?! Its more than suspected when it is absolute truth and reality that they are holding a race of people with the intent purpose of suffocating the life from them and eliminate the race from (once again) ancient Armenian lands.

I am such a loss for words. In the past I have let music or quotations speak about feelings surrounding ‘mans inhumanity to man’ with the hope that the message get’s heard but I feel that there is little we as Armenians can do to get anyone to listen and react to help our people. Sorry, but a handful of political proclamations and and speeches simply doesn’t cut it.

However, I wont stop trying. I cant, not in the name of my family (and those that perished at the hands of the Turkish government) or those that have died over the centuries and continue to die to this day.

If you are reading this and whether or not you are Armenian doesn’t matter – please forward this to someone and pass the word along. Don’t do it for me, do it for Artsakh.

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1 Response to Is anyone listening to us?

  1. G. Nishan Gerjekian says:

    I agree with all your sentiments Ara.
    It seems that the world’s real politik picks and chooses which countries are to be protected and which are not.
    It should be a humanitarian response by those who are powerful to protect those who are threatened.
    If not with real actions, instead of mere verbal statements, then provide the necessary weapons to assist with a nation’s survival.
    If these provided weapons were to put Armenia was put on equal terms with Azerbaijan, then the blockades, killings, territorial incursions etc. would all come to a screeching halt.

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