Tired of the Silence

I will make this short.

As the title of this post suggests, I, along with every Armenian, is tired of the ongoing silence that resonates over the treatment of our people by the Turkish government.

The latest.

In the early hours of September 13th, Azerbaijani troops struck once again with a major military assault on the Armenians around 200 kilometers from the cease-fire border in the Republic of Armenia. By the end of this assault, 200 Armenian soldiers were killed and over 7000 Armenian residents displaced. Azeri troops advanced on Armenian soil. All in a matter of hours.

Armenian were attacked less than two years ago ending with a cease-fire which was established. This latest attack is the deadliest since the 2020 attacks and once again, Azeri troops once again broke that peace and where is the rest of the world stand while our people get attacked? Silence.

Without stepping too far into politics with this blog, as an Armenian, I am disgusted that more isn’t done to help our brothers and sisters in Armenia. When is enough going to be enough and our world leaders speak up and stand up for Armenia? When will there be reparations for the brutal killings that have occurred?

How much more must we lose – our land, lives and culture before anyone hears our cries?


Azerbaijan Attacks Armenia: Take Action Now to Block U.S. Military Aid to Baku


Congressional leaders condemn Azerbaijani attack on Armenia; demand Biden cut all military aid to Azerbaijan




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2 Responses to Tired of the Silence

  1. Nishan Gerjekian says:

    Well said, Ara.
    The inaction and silence, by the world is certainly depressing when one sees the outpouring of opposition to and billions of dollars of assistance to Ukraine, when Russia invaded, and says a lot about the West and the way they view Western Asia/Middle East.
    Today the President spoke so strongly about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and yet says and does nothing about the consistent invasions, bombings, deaths, inhumane treatment of Armenians by invading Azeris. No mention of the Azeri continuing breaking of the cease fire and no reeling in of their major ally, Turkey, though as a member of NATO could and should br restrained by the USA/WEST.
    Though this has nothing to do with music, it needs to be said.

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